Investment process

There are 3 phases to our investment cycle: allocation, selection and management of risk – as depicted below.

At each stage, we focus on creating value using both a top-down and a bottom-up approach.

Top-down approach

This starts with our in-house research and strategy team that develop a set of property market forecasts and recommendations, which are then customised for each portfolio.

Each strategy is designed to target under-priced sectors that are expected to deliver above-average performance relative to their risk. The balance of risk and return is customised for each client’s investment goals.

Bottom-up approach

Once we know our overall strategy, we take great care in selecting potential investments. Our bottom-up approach to this stage includes thorough due diligence of potential investments. After a careful vetting, we select what we believe are the best managers. This includes negotiating better terms, where possible, to improve performance.

After closing the investment, we continue to monitor the manager and portfolio in order to identify and remedy any potential issues.