Investment philosophy

With all our property portfolios we follow 3 key principles – proactive sourcing, in-depth analysis and commitment to quality.

Proactive sourcing

We believe that many of the best opportunities are not offered widely on the market. That’s why we actively search for new investment opportunities using our comprehensive deal-sourcing network. Some of the qualities we look for in property fund managers are:

  • Expertise in specific regions or sectors
  • Established  ability in different stages of the market cycle
  • A consistent track record within a chosen specialty, rather than a history of chasing investment fads

When we find a good investment opportunity, we bring it to our clients in the way that we believe offers the greatest potential, even if that means structuring investment vehicles with other portfolio managers.

In-depth analysis

As with other financial assets, we believe that technical analysis can help us better understand the role property can play in a multi-asset portfolio.

We analyse all properties before and after investment in order to identify and take advantage of market mis-pricing. Our risk analysis also allows us to gauge risks early on and mitigate any potential damage through negotiations with portfolio managers.

Commitment to quality

For both investment performance and customer service, we’re committed to quality. Part of this commitment is an emphasis on generating long-term returns without taking on unacceptable levels of risk. If we can’t conduct a full risk assessment, we will avoid an investment, no matter how attractive the price. Maintaining quality – and trust – over the long haul is always our top priority.