Competitive advantage

Global perspective, local understanding

Our diverse team maintains a presence in 4 locations, including Europe, Asia and North America. We believe this gives us a unique, international outlook. And since we’re “on the ground” in so many regions, our team understands local conditions and can access a broader deal-sourcing network.

A proven track record

As one of the first property managers to enter into the multi-manager property marketplace, our team has a great deal of experience. We’ve made more than 100 investments covering the full risk/return spectrum and have made significant contributions to developing industry standards.

On top of experience, we also have a large pool of assets under management – around €2.4 billion*. This opens up opportunities to potentially negotiate better terms with managers, since we can pool capital from different sources

A rigorous investment process

Because of our early entry into the market, we’ve had plenty of time to develop and refine our comprehensive investment process. The goal of the process is to add value by successfully screening opportunities and sourcing deals that may not be offered widely in the market. And we don’t hesitate to restructure vehicles when necessary, upgrading them to institutional quality. This gives our clients access to a wider range of investment opportunities.

Our process also involves a thorough analysis of investment vehicles in order to maximise returns for each unit of risk. We also leverage our knowledge of the market to select what we consider to be the best investment vehicles.

In addition to careful selection, we are also active in managing portfolios after their creation. We do this by staying involved in fund advisory boards and investor meetings. These activities are complemented by an in-house team that keeps you up-to-date with high-quality investor reports.

*As at 31 June 2018