Multi-manager property

Best-in-class indirect property investment opportunities

Gain exactly the global property exposure you’re looking for with Aberdeen’s multi-manager property investments.

We currently have around €2.4 billion* under management. This large presence in the market lets us pool capital, which increases the chance that we can negotiate better terms with fund managers.

We also have a considerable track record in this rapidly developing marketplace. We first entered multi-manager property investment in 1996, meaning we have plenty of experience at each stage of the market cycle.

What we offer

As a large, long-standing player in the market, we are able to offer a wide range of investment options:

  • pooled multi-manager property vehicles as well as separate account mandates
  • risk/return profiles ranging from core to opportunistic
  • strategies for all the key property sectors – office, retail, industrial, residential, multi-family and many specialist categories
  • investments covering Europe, Asia and North America

How we work

Our team of approximately 20 investment professionals brings a great deal of experience to the table. And with backgrounds in institutional investment, private equity and direct property investment and management, we’re well prepared to meet diverse client needs.

We also believe our team has a unique combination of global reach and local, “on the ground” experience.

* As at 31 June 2018