Aberdeen Property Fund Norway I IS and AS


On 10 November 2011 Aberdeen Property Fund Norway I was restructured to meet the changes to the capital management regulation. Following the restructuring, pension funds and life insurance funds are able to classify its share of the company’s assets as real estate. The funds new name is Aberdeen Property Fund Norway I IS/AS.


Total return goal for Aberdeen Property Fund Norway I IS/AS is to deliver excess return relative to the IPD index for Norway, which is the benchmark for the Property Fund. Excess returns will be achieved by having a proper portfolio structure and by having a professional and cost effective property management. The portfolio's yield is expected to be approximately 5 % per year after management fee and will be paid quarterly. The return is not guaranteed. Dividend payments will be decided quarterly. The Property Fund's partnership meeting may, if circumstances so warrant, determine that in a given quarter no payments shall be made.

Property Portfolio

Please see the latest quarterly report for more information on the property portfolio.


Investments in property funds entail risks of a general, industry-specific and fund-specific character. For further information, please see the information memorandum.

Purchase of Shares

Interested parties should contact Aberdeen Asset Management by telephone +47 22 01 27 00