Aberdeen Property Fund Nordic/Baltics ASA


The Property Fund's purpose is to give investors broad exposure to the Nordic and Baltic property market and property market in St. Petersburg. The Property Fund will invest in actively managed properties, and will invest in various types of properties to help investors achieve broad diversification in terms of property types, geography and tenant mix.


The Property Fund aims to deliver an annual return of more than 12 % of the Property Fund's lifetime of 10 years. The return is not guaranteed.The Property Fund seeks to give out as much as possible of the property portfolio's free cash flow to investors. The return will be made as dividends or repayment of equity. Any payments will be decided annually, and the Property Fund's annual general meeting may, if circumstances so warrant, determine that it in a given year shall not be made any payments.


Investments in property funds involves risk of general, industry-specific and fund-specific character. For further information, please see the prospectus.

ISIN Number

NO 0010314032