Investment philosophy

At each stage of the investment cycle, we focus on our three core investment principles: – staying research-led, analytical and value-adding.


Informed decision-making starts with good research. We use our forecasts and analysis to:

  • build portfolios
  • choose investments
  • manage portfolios in a disciplined and consistent way


Property is a financial asset, and we believe the analytical techniques used for other markets can help us better understand the role property can play in a portfolio.

We analyse all properties before and after investment in order to:

  • assess potential, both as an individual property and as part of a wider portfolio
  • create and monitor portfolio investment plans
  • assess potential risks
  • identify and take advantage of market mis-pricing


With property, our main goal is to add value at each stage in the investment process. To do this, we use both top-down and bottom-up investment techniques.

Our top-down approach involves creating an optimised asset-allocation framework designed to:

  • target under-priced markets
  • maximise performance for a given level of risk
  • meet the overall investment objectives for each vehicle

Our bottom-up strategies for adding value involve careful attention to asset selection, deal sourcing, and active property management. We see the latter as especially important, as it provides an opportunity to add value even after purchase.