Property investment history

Over 30 years of helping clients make the most of their property investment

Our property division has been managing money for third-party clients since the 1970s. And our experience with international direct property investment is similar with our first European offices opening in the 1980s. We were also the pioneer in the direct property space in the Nordics. Today, offices in North America and Asia extend our reach across a wide range of property markets.

With offices around the world, we can offer both global expertise and local support to our institutional investors. Our direct property clients also benefit from the support of an experienced team of professionals that includes:

  • portfolio managers
  • an international transactions team
  • specialist asset experts
  • property managers

Helping lead the way in multi-manager property

We began offering multi-manager property vehicles in 1996, starting in the UK. From there we expanded into continental Europe in 2001, Asia in 2006 and North America in 2010.

Our team has already made a mark in this relatively young area of property investing. We launched one of the first European property fund of funds in 2005, and we were also one of the earliest fund of fund investors in Asia.