Australian Fixed Income

Aberdeen Asset Management is a market-leading practitioner of fixed income investment solutions in Australia. Our product range encompasses a number of strategies including:

  • Cash;
  • Domestic Short Duration;
  • Domestic Fixed Income;
  • Multi Sector Fixed Income (domestic and offshore); and
  • Global Fixed Income

Our cash and fixed income philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • Markets are inefficient due to different market participants with varying time-frames, motivations and imperfect information
  • Proprietary fundamental research can distinguish between short-term factors and more important longer-term key investment themes to uncover alpha opportunities
  • Diversified sources of added value improve a portfolio’s risk-return profile. A multi-strategy approach, combined with a thorough understanding of how these various strategies come together to represent overall portfolio risk, can extract for investors significant diversification benefits
  • A strong risk framework is required for sustainable alpha generation. The risk framework permeates through every level of our investment process and business - from individual strategy formulation, through to trade execution, and ultimately to overall portfolio risk positioning

We are able to provide both segregated and pooled offerings across our fixed income product range.